Remnant 2 Guide – Best Weapons and Mods

The worlds are dangerous in Gunfire Games' co-op shooter. Her are some of the best weapons and mods to make your runs easier.

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Remnant 2

Gunfire Games’ Remnant 2 has several threats that can make your day miserable. Fortunately, there’s also an arsenal of weapons which can even the odds. They can be upgraded to deal even more damage and equip Mutators and weapon mods to provide other special effects. Which are the best, though?

Check out our choices for the best weapons in the game and where to go them. All damage numbers are from level 1, so keep that in mind.

Best Long Guns

Coach Gun

Available to purchase from Brabus in Ward 13, the Coach Gun is a solid, reliable weapon that deals shotgun-like damage over a longer range. At level 1, it deals 115 damage with a five crit chance but only 2 in the magazine. There is no implicit weapon mod, but it’s a good starting option that scales well throughout the game.


Those seeking long-range precision damage should seek out the Widomaker. It deals 125 damage per shot with one round in the magazine but with a ten percent crit chance and a 120 percent weak spot damage bonus. It also comes with a 3x scope, making it much easier to zoom in on weak spots.


Crafted from Cursed Dream Silks, which you get after defeating The Nightweaver in Losomn. It deals 31 damage per shot with a 10-round magazine and a five percent crit chance. Its weapon mod, Dreadwalker, lasts 10 seconds and grants infinite ammo for the currently held weapon along with a 35 percent increase to fire rate and 10 percent Lifesteal. The weapon also becomes fully automatic while the player becomes harder to hit. You can’t use other Skills or weapons while Dreadwalker is active.

Twisted Arbalest

Crafted from Twisted Lazurite, which you get from defeating the Corruptor in Yaesha. While only having one shot in the magazine and dealing 80 damage per disc, shots ricochet between enemies, making it good for clearing trash mobs. When mod power is full, shots become empowered and highlight enemies hit. Activating the mod, Guardian’s Call, causes swords to fall on highlighted enemies, dealing 100 damage and 3x stagger in a five-meter radius, which can clear out any tankier threats quickly.

Wrangler 1860

The Wrangler 1860 deals 55 damage per shot. It has a 10 percent crit chance and ten rounds in the magazine. It’s available immediately for the Alchemist and Gunslinger Archetypes and is very good in mid and long-range encounters.

Blackmaw AR-47

Your bog-standard assault rifle, the Blackmaw AR-47 comes with a 38-round magazine, deals 17 damage per shot and has a 10 percent crit chance. It pairs well with Hot Shot and Overflow to quickly afflict status damage.


Crafted from the Crimson Membrane, which drops from the Ravager in Yaesha, you must attack it first, then let it eat the Doe. It deals 13 damage with a 50-round magazine and a 10 percent crit chance. After the reticle fully compresses, shots apply 250 bleeding damage over 10 seconds. Its weapon mod, Bloodline, fires a shot passing through all enemies, dealing 150 damage and gaining 50 percent more damage per enemy pierced. It also has a 25 percent crit damage bonus and deals 3x more stagger.

Crescent Moon

A bow that deals 87 damage at level 1 with a 4.1 rate of fire and 5 percent crit chance, you first need to get the Anamy’s Echo to craft it. In Losomn, attack Nimue with the Dreamcatcher while she sleeps to receive Nimue’s Dream. Consume it to go to a unique arena and search around for a stone, which is Anamy’s Echo. Return to McCabe in Ward 13 to craft it.

Its weapon mod is Moonlight Barrage, which lasts for 15 seconds and causes regular shots to become charged arrows and charged shots to unleash two arrows. When hitting enemies, it applies Moonlight – slaying them under this effect returns an arrow and heals 5.1 percent of your max health while granting a 15 percent increased fire rate and reload speed for five seconds.


First, you need the Impostor’s Heart, which drops from Faelin in Losomn, to craft the weapon. It deals 120 damage at level 1 with a six-round magazine and 15 percent crit chance. Its mod, Ouroboros, creates three sword fragments that circle you for 30 seconds. A regular melee strike fires off a fragment and turns Deceit’s shots into weak point shots when hitting an enemy for a brief period. Use a charged melee to unleash all of the fragments at once.


Want to throw a dying star at your enemies? The Aphelion may be the key. Obtained in N’Erud by using the Override Pin at the console before fighting the Spectral Guardian, Sha’Hala, it deals 62 damage at level 1 with a 15 percent crit chance and seven-round magazine. Its mod, Supernova, unleashes a dying star that explodes for 150 Fire damage and causes 350 burning damage over 10 seconds to enemies in four meters. If you shoot the Supernova before it lands, the explosion radius increases by 25 percent, while overall damage increases by 50 percent. A shockwave is also unleashed, which deals 300 Fire damage on top of 350 burning damage.


A burst-fire weapon, the Alpha-Omega is crafted from material that drops from the final boss in Root Earth. It deals 15 damage at level 1 with a 10 percent crit chance and 55-round magazine, but its mod, Beta Ray, is the most interesting.

When activated, it Brands a target for 30 seconds – reloading or switching weapons activates it, dealing 225 damage. You can have up to three Brands on one target, which deals 50 percent more damage. When slaying enemies, you receive 5-15 percent ammo and Mod Power, and only 450 Mod Power is needed to use Beta Ray.

Best Hand Guns


Despite the -15 percent crit chance, the Enigma is a great trash mob-clearing weapon. It’s crafted from the Cipher Rod, which you find in the Labyrinth. Its shots deal 22 damage and chain between nearby enemies, who become Overloaded and explode with Shock damage.

Its mod, Chaos Driver, grants electric rods, which can be planted into the ground and connected to deal 20 Shock damage per second. Shooting the rods into an enemy causes them to take 50 Shock damage per second and receive 25 percent additional damage for each rod embedded.


Found in Yaesha after trading the Tear of Kaeula (discovered in Kaeula’s Rest) to Meidre, the Sorrow is a handheld crossbow which deals 45 damage per shot with five bolts in the magazine. It has a 10 percent crit chance and a 110 percent weak spot damage bonus. Its weapon mod allows for recalling bolts, dealing 30 damage to a target and healing you for 2 percent max HP while adding up to five bolts to the magazine (any higher is added to your reserves).


Crafted with Spiced Bile, which drops from Tal Ratha on N’Erud if you refuse to be consumed. The Nebula deals 12 damage per shot with 55 rounds in the magazine, though it’s ideal, and falloff ranges are a measly 8 meters. It’s more of a flamethrower-style weapon which inflicts Corroded for 300 Corrosive damage over 15 seconds. Once a Corroded target dies, a gas cloud spawns dealing damage over time for two seconds.

The weapon mod, Nano Swarm, makes up for the range, firing Nanomachines that attack enemies within 20 meters for 15 seconds and dealing 6 Acid damage per hit.


Obtained in Ward 13 (or by unlocking the Summoner Archetype). First, go to Ford’s office to find a safe. Inspect the Flashlight for the passcode, which is 0415, and open it to get the Cargo Control Key. Look for an area with containers and open the door for a chest to find the MP60-R. It deals nine damage per shot with 42 rounds in the magazine and a 14.2 rate of fire. Each shot has a 10 percent crit chance, and its falloff range is 50 meters. As a starting weapon, it’s pretty reliable, dealing good damage at a fast rate.

Rupture Cannon

Obtained in N’Erud’s Vault of the Formless during the claw event. Despite its shorter range, the Rupture Cannon deals 42 damage per shot with 12 in the magazine. There are no weapon mods, but its high damage per shot (especially when hitting weak spots) makes it good for mid to close-range encounters.

Rune Pistol

In Losomn’s Morrow Parish, trade the Ravenous Medallion found in The Great Hall to the Nightweaver’s Web to obtain a Decrepit Rune. Trade this to Nimue to obtain the Rune Pistol. It deals 15 damage per shot with a 6.6 rate of fire and 42 rounds in the magazine while having a 10 percent crit chance.

Soul Brand is its weapon mod, which brands all enemies within 25 meters for 25 seconds. Killing enemies during this time drops Echoes. These last for ten seconds and when picked up, they heal 20 percent of your max health.

Best Melee Weapons

Atom Splitter

Obtained from any dungeon in N’Erud. Look for a section broken off from the rest of the map. When it does, go there and wait for the robot arm to descend and pick up a part with several pods. Jump on this section, turn right, and then jump again when a destroyed walkway is visible. Go straight and drop to the right to get it.

The Atom Splitter deals 100 damage with a five percent crit chance and 90 percent weak point damage. When performing a neutral evade, you’ll disperse a wave of particles which deals 150 damage to enemies in a 20-meter radius. When performing a charged attack after neutral evade, the range of attacks is tripled while damage is increased by 25 percent.


Obtained by giving the Nightweaver Stone Doll to the Nightweaver’s Web in Losomn to receive it. It deals 58 damage with a five percent crit chance, but its weapon mod is most useful. Once you deal 250 damage, it unleashes a Dreamwave with a charged attack that travels out and returns, slowing enemies for 10 seconds and providing a Reverie stack per enemy. Each stack increases all damage and movement speed by two percent for 15 seconds.

Krell Axe

Found in Yaesha in Endaira’s End during the room with the pressure plate puzzle. It deals 54 damage with a three percent crit chance and 85 percent weak point damage. Charged attacks allow throwing the axe, which deals 50 Shock damage twice in 10 seconds.

Hero’s Sword

Obtained when unlocking the Explorer or purchased from Brabus after finishing the campaign on Nightmare, the Hero’s Sword deals 51 damage with a five percent crit chance and 90 percent weak spot damage. Charge attacks will unleash an energy wave that strikes enemies from range.

Spectral Blade

Crafted from the Eidolon Shard, which drops from Sha’Hala in N’Erud, the Spectral Blade deals 53 damage with an eight percent crit chance and 105 percent weak spot damage. Performing a charged attack after a neutral backstep unleashes Whirlwind, which hits all enemies within 8 meters for 75 damage (and goes through walls).

Labyrinth Spear

Found in the Labyrinth after defeating Bastion, it deals 64 damage with an eight percent crit chance and 95 percent weak spot damage. Normal attacks provide 10 percent more mod power, while charged attacks generate 50 percent more mod power. The latter also deals 75 damage in a two-meter radius to all enemies.

Feral Judgment

Crafted from the Ravager’s Maw, which you get from the Ravager in Yaesha after shooting it and then killing the Doe. Feral Judgment deals 53 damage with regular attacks with a 13 percent crit chance and 110 percent weak spot damage. Hitting an enemy six times in 10 seconds grants Feral Judgment. Perform a neutral backstep and charged melee to apply Death Sentence, causing an enemy to take 25 damage each from 10 Phantom Strikes. These deal 25 percent more damage to enemies that are bleeding.


Crafted by Nightweaver’s Finger. Destroy the heart when it drops out during both phases to get it. Nightshade is a claw-type weapon which deals 47 damage with 18 percent crit chance and 110 weak point damage. However, its mod, Beyond the Veil, causes neutral evade to render you into mist, providing five percent damage as Lifesteal for five seconds (10 seconds on perfect dodge).

Best Standalone Weapon Mods

Many of the best weapon mods are on Unique Weapons, but you can still find some solid standalone options. Check them out below.


Found on Rot Earth, it grants Malware bullets for 30 seconds. Shots apply the Fragmented status for 15 seconds, and when an enemy dies, they drop a Glitch. Walk over it for 20 percent more damage or shoot it to create a pool that deals 25 damage per second for 15 seconds and applies Fragmented to enemies in a five-meter radius.


First, aim at a target, then activate Fargazer to summon a Legion Eye, which applies Madness every 0.25 seconds. Madness lasts five seconds but can stack up to 10 times, dealing three damage per second. Fargazer lasts for 30 seconds and has a 25-meter range. Found in Yaesha.

Hot Shot

Ol’ reliable, Hot Shot causes ammo to deal 200 Fire Damage over 10 seconds to an enemy while increasing ranged damage by 15 percent. It lasts for 20 seconds. Purchase it from McCabe for 1500 Scrap.

Prismatic Driver

Found in N’Erud, this mod unleashes a beam that deals 25 damage per second and explodes for 150 damage in a three-meter area when held on a target long enough.

Rotted Arrow

Fires an arrow dealing 19.8 damage on impact and exploding for 60 damage in a four-meter radius, leaving a gas cloud that deals 200 damage over five seconds. Located in Yaesha.


Found on Root Earth, it throws a spear which deals 125 damage and explodes in the target for 140 damage within a three-meter area.

Song of Eafir

Fires a projectile that staggers enemies in ten meters and deals 150 damage. It lasts 15 seconds and slows targets while reducing their damage by 15 percent. Also hits flying enemies. Found in Yaesha.


Found in Yaesha, this unleashes a projectile which causes 40 damage but drags enemies within seven meters to the first target. Sixty percent of damage inflicted on the first target is shared between the others, with the effect lasting 15 seconds.

Blood Draw

Found in Losomn, it unleashes chains that can hit up to five enemies at a 15-meter distance. While causing only ten damage, you can pull the enemies toward you, splitting 250 among them and causing 275 Bleed damage over 15 seconds.

Stasis Beam

Found in N’Erud, unleashes a beam that slows enemies and deals 15 damage each second. When applied for two seconds, the target becomes frozen for 10 seconds.

Remnant 2 is available for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC. Check out our official review here. You can also learn about the best Traits here, and the best locations to farm materials here.

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