Remnant 2 Guide – Best Armor Sets, Rings, Amulets, Relic Fragments and Mutators

There are many options to customize your character in Gunfire's co-op shooter. Here are some of the best items you can find.

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In addition to its world generation and Class system, Gunfire Games’ Remnant 2 changes to armor. Armor sets no longer provide set bonuses or perks – that’s shifted to the new Mutators, which can be equipped on any weapon. Nevertheless, there are some pretty strong choices depending on one’s build.

On the bright side, this means you’re free to mix and match armor set pieces depending on required resistances, weight and armor (while also providing more freedom in fashion). Check out some recommendations for armor sets below. We’ll also cover some of the best Rings, Amulets, Mutators and Relic Fragments you can use to gain an edge.

Best Armor Sets

Leto Mark 2

Unlocked in the Labyrinth after obtaining the Biome Portal Key. Go up the right staircase when spawning into the Fractured Ingress and pass through some portals. After more exploration, you’ll find a door, which is opened with the key, leading to Ward 13. You’ll find the armor in the container.

As an Ultra Armor Set with 90 total weight, Leto Mark 2 is best for builds that utilize the Challenger Archetype. It offers 168 total Armor and ten resistance to Fire, Bleed, Shock, Blight and Toxin damage.

Knotted Set

Crafted at the Bloodmoon Altar in Yaesha with Blood Essence, obtained from Root Wisps during a Blood Moon event. This Heavy Armor Set is of 56 weight and provides 100 Armor with 3 Bleed Resistance, 7 Blight Resistance and 15 Toxin Resistance.

Fae Royal Set

Found in Postulant’s Parlor on Losomn, this Heavy Armor Set provides 107 Armor with 55 Weight. It has 9 Bleed and Fire Resistance and 7 Blight Resistance.

Dendroid Set

Found in the Ashen Wasteland on Root Earth. Look for a gap to crawl through and progress past the enemies until you find another opening. Jump to the destroyed column to reach an area with the Steel Katana and Dendroid Set.

This is a Light Armor Set with 47 Armor and 25 Weight, providing 10 Bleed Resistance, 2 Shock Resistance, 5 Blight Resistance and 8 Toxin Resistance.

Red Widow Set

Obtained in Yaesha from The Lament. Return to the area where the Wither was fought (after finishing the Consort’s puzzle). There is a hidden entrance in one of the corners – break the pots to find it. Go down the passage and find the Supply Room Key. Use it to open the door ahead and bypass the trap, which requires crouching to avoid the saws, and you’ll find a coffin with the armor.

The Red Widow Set is a Medium Armor Set with 88 Armor and 48 Weight. It provides 12 Bleed Resistance, 11 Blight Resistance and 2 Toxin Resistance.

Radiant Set

Obtained from purchasing the Deluxe or Ultimate Edition of the game. This Heavy Armor Set is from Remnant: From the Ashes and provides 113 Armor with 61 Weight. It offers 5 Bleed and Fire Resistance, 12 Shock Resistance and 3 Toxin Resistance.

Nightstalker Set

Starting set for the Hunter Archetype but also purchased from Whispers for 2750 Scrap. The Medium Armor Set provides 69 Armor and 36 Weight, with 6 Bleed Resistance, 7 Fire Resistance, 5 Shock Resistance and 13 Blight Resistance.

Best Amulets

Ankh of Power

Found on Root Earth, it grants 15 percent to all sources of damage, increasing to 30 percent if you consume a Relic.

Broken Pocket Watch

Found on Root Earth, it increases Stamina regeneration by 25 while reducing Stamina Cost by 50 percent. Useful for all builds.

Butcher’s Fetish

Purchased from Reggie in Ward 13 for 1000 Scrap. After hitting an enemy with a charged melee, you gain a 15 percent increased critical chance and 25 percent crit damage for 15 seconds.

Daredevil’s Charm

Gain 7.5 percent increased damage, three percent movement speed and five percent more damage taken for each empty armor slot. For those that want to optimize their damage (and can dodge everything).

Navigator’s Pendant

Found in N’Erud, it provides 20 Health and Stamina while reducing Armor Encumbrance by 10. Ideal for wearing those Heavy Armor sets without incurring too much stamina penalty.

Death’s Embrace

When health drops below 100 percent, gain 20 percent to all damage. When falling below half HP, also gain Haste. Found in Yaesha and purchased from Bedel of the Vaunnt for 400 Scraps.

Decayed Margin

Purchased from Cass in Ward 13 (need to progress enough to unlock the Labyrinth). Gain 25 percent more melee damage at full health, and 1.5 percent damage as Lifesteal with melee hits. You get 1.5 percent additional Lifesteal on melee strikes for every 1/4 missing health.

Detonation Trigger

Found N’Erud, it causes explosive damage to deal 405 burning damage over five seconds. Also increases explosion damage by 25 percent.

Difference Engine

Also found in N’Erud, gain 20 percent more damage and 1.5 percent base damage as Lifesteal while a shield is active.

Effigy Pendant

Gain a 10 percent damage reduction and a 15 percent increase to all damage when you have grey health. Grey Health also requires another hit before being removed. You can find this in Losomn.

Energy Diverter

Gain a 10 percent critical hit chance and deal 15 percent more damage with a shield active. Found in N’Erud but also purchased from the Drzyr Replicator near Ascension Spire. Pairs well with Excess Core and Rerouting Cable.

Full Moon Circlet

Found in Yaesha. Increased damage by 20 percent at full health, while ranged damage grants 3 percent Lifesteal of base damage.

Kinetic Shield Exchanger

Receive 25 percent Mod damage and 15 percent more Mod Power when a Shield is active. Found in N’Erud.

Necklace of Supremacy

Found in Yaesha, it increases damage by 15 percent after not taking damage for seven seconds. On full health, gain 25 percent increased damage.

Ravager’s Mark

Also found in Yaesha, it increases damage to bleeding enemies by 20 percent. If enemies are at half health or lower, the damage bonus is increased by 30 percent.

Shock Device

Located in Losomn’s Morrow Parish, it increases Shock damage by 20 percent while gaining 50 percent more damage with the Overloaded status.

Soul Anchor

Crafted at the Bloodmoon Altar with Blood Moon Essence, this amulet increases all damage by 20 percent for 30 seconds after summoning.

Twisted Idol

Purchased from Cass in Ward 13, it reduces Armor Encumbrance by 15 and increases the effectiveness of armor by 30 percent.

Best Rings

Blood Jewel

Found in the Forbidden Grove on Yaesha, it causes charged melee strikes to deal 460 Bleed damage over 20 seconds.

Booster Ring

Found in the Council Chamber on Losomn, it increases all Resistances by 10.

Burden of the Destroyer

Purchased from Cass in Ward 13, it decreases the ideal range of guns by 25 percent but increases all damage by 15 percent. Perfect for melee builds and long-range snipers alike.

Burden of the Divine

Drops randomly in Losomn grant 50 percent of self-healing to allies but reduce all your damage by 10 percent.

Burden of the Follower

Mod Power Generation increases by 50 percent, but your weapon fire rate is reduced by 15 percent. Ideal for explosive weapons, melee builds or weapons that already have a high fire rate.

Cataloger’s Jewel

Found in Beatific Palace in Losomn, it passively grants eight Mod Power per second.

Dense Silicon Ring

Discovered in The Labyrinth, this ring will provide Mod Power for 200 percent of regenerated health.

Dying Ember

Found in Ashen Wasteland on Root Earth, it grants Lifesteal for five percent of base melee damage.

Encrypted Ring

Also found in the Labyrinth, using a Skill or Mod grants healing over time for 10 percent of your maximum health. It lasts 10 seconds, with a max duration of 30 seconds.

Excess Coil

Found in N’Erud, it provides a shield for 25 percent of your max HP after activating a Skill which lasts for 10 seconds.

Fae Protector Signet

Obtained in Losomn from the Council Chamber after defeating the Fae Council. It reduces Armor Encumbrance by five and increases max health and stamina by 10, serving as a decent alternative to the Navigator’s Pendant.

Hex Ward

While status resistances are good, sometimes having items that can outright prevent them is better. The Hex Ward prevents the Curse status and can be crafted by Nimue in Losomn for five Lumenite Crystals.

Rerouting Cable

Found in the Vault of the Formless in N’Erud, it provides a five-second shield after spending 25 Stamina. It absorbs damage equivalent to five percent of max health. This stacks up to 50 percent, but resets after five seconds if you don’t consume any Stamina.

Ring of Crisis

Also found in N’Erud in The Hatchery, it provides a 10-second long shield for 25 percent of max health if your health drops below 25 percent. Decent for a last-resort defense while you heal.

Ring of Diversion

Found in The Lament in Yaesha (the same place where you get the Red Widow armor). Increases invulnerability window while sliding or dodge-rolling.

Ring of Grace

Found in Harvester’s Reach, Losomn. Look for an NPC named Riewen, who asks you to find his wife. Look for Barghest the Vile and defeat it to get Dria’s Anklet. Return it to Riewen for the Ring of Grace, which regenerates 10 percent of your max health over 10 seconds when taking damage from enemies.


Found in Yaesha and also purchased from Bedel of The Vaunnt in the same world. It prevents Root Rot.


Increases XP earned by 10 percent. Found in The Lament and Twisted Chantry in Yaesha. Essential for those looking to level and unlock all Perks and Skills for their Archetypes.

Sapphire Dreamstone

Found in the Council Chamber in Losomn. It reduces skill cooldowns by three percent with critical hits, though this can only happen every two seconds.

Soul Link

Obtained in The Nameless Nest in Yaesha, it grants Lifesteal to summons based on five percent of base damage, provided to you as health.

Stone of Balance

Increases all damage by seven percent.

Suppression Ward

Found in N’Erud and also crafted at the Drzyr Replicator. It prevents Suppression.

Tempest Conduit

Found in Endaira’s End in Yaesha. Increases all damage dealt by 10 percent when hit by elemental damage. Also, gain 20 resistance to that element for 20 seconds.

Zania’s Malice

Found in Ashen Wasteland in Root Earth. Increases weak spot damage by 10 percent for seven seconds when hitting weak spots, which stacks three times.

Generating Band

Increases Mod duration by 15 percent.

Best Relic Fragments

Relic Fragments are equipped on your Relic of choice. You can have three at a time, and they provide small buffs to different stats. Ultimately, it depends on the build you’re running, but there are some good general options. Relic Fragments can be found throughout all locations and drop from Elite enemies. Their rolls are also random, so it’s worth it to keep farming for higher stats.

  • Cracked Casting Speed – Slightly higher Mod and Skill Cast Speed.
  • Cracked Damage Reduction – Slightly reduced damage.
  • Cracked Melee Critical Chance – Slightly higher crit chance with melee attacks.
  • Cracked Mod Duration – Slightly higher Mod duration.
  • Cracked Ranged Critical Chance – Slightly higher crit chance with ranged attacks.
  • Cracked Ranged Weakspot Damage – Slightly higher ranged weak spot damage.
  • Cracked Stamina Cost – Slightly reduced Stamina cost.
  • Cracked Stamina Recovery Delay – Slightly reduced delay when recovering Stamina.
  • Cracked Skill Damage – Slightly increased skill damage.

Best Mutators


Sold by Dwell in Ward 13 for 75 Relic Dust and 500 Scrap. Increases weak spot damage by 10 percent per stack, maxing out at five stacks, with ranged shots. When fully upgraded, deal 15 percent additional damage over three seconds at five stacks.


Found in Terminus Station in N’Erud. Applies Slow to enemies in a 7.5-meter range for 3.5 seconds when using a mod. At level 10, ranged weapon damage increases by 15 percent to all enemies afflicted with Slow.


Drops from the Executioner in Losomn. It grants a 10 percent damage reduction from everything. You also can’t be interrupted when performing charged melee strikes. At level 10, damage taken while performing a charged melee attack converts to Grey Health.

Shield Breaker

Sold by Dwell for 75 Relic Dust and 500 Scrap. Gain a shield for two percent of max health with melee attacks that lasts 10 seconds. Caps out at 20 percent shields. When fully upgraded, perform a charged melee attack to consume shields and increase the damage of the next melee attack. Damage increases by one percent of shields consumed, capping out at 100 percent.


Drops from the Defiler in Forgotten Field in Yaesha. Charged melee attacks cost 25 percent of Stamina. At level 10, gain a 10 percent crit chance and deal 15 percent more damage with charged melee attacks.


Dropped from The Wither in The Lament in Yaesha (though you must solve the Consort’s Puzzle and open the coffins nearby). Critical melee hits will increase melee crit chance and crit damage by five percent for 7.5 seconds. It stacks up to five times. At level 10, gain 20 percent more damage with melee critical strikes.

Deadly Calm

Aiming for over three seconds will increase ranged damage by up to 10 percent. When fully upgraded, increases ranged critical hit chance by 10 percent. Purchased from Dwell in Ward 13 for 75 Relic Dust and 500 Scrap.

Weapon Lord

Purchased from Dwell for 75 Relic Dust and 500 Scrap. Normal melee strikes will increase the damage of your next charged melee attack by seven percent (with five stacks at max). When fully upgraded, the next charged melee attack at max stacks gains a 100 percent critical chance.

Remnant 2 is available for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC. Check out our official review, and our picks for the best weapons and mods and the best Traits.

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