10 Hookup sites that are blatantly scamming people

In the past three years, I have dipped my toes in the water one time too many in the hope of finding a good lay. It’s not that I do not get approached or eyeballed at work or in my social circle. But let’s say that I have always been adventurous and the thrill of online hookups is too exciting to ignore. Making love to an unseen and unknown stranger without messing up with my applecart seems more practical.


Have I been successful? Oh yes. On more than one occasion. Being a single and attractive woman always helps in the online dating world. But be forewarned that it’s like walking into a cage of predators with a signboard around your neck that reads ‘Fresh Meat’. I have been scammed too.


The convenience of anonymity and the lure of fast money is turning the online hookup industry into a minefield with scam artists, thieves and criminals. You better be careful while wading through it or its going to blow right in your face in the form of repeated charges on your credit card, that you never authorized.


Here are 10 of the biggest scammers in the casual/sex dating industry that you need to be aware of.


#1 – Meetbangnow.com – The name appears to suggest that you can meet people and then bang them now! And they have an innocuous looking homepage with tons of cute looking nude girls strutting their stuff. It’s no wonder people fall for it. My reason for joining it was simple. If there were tons of good looking girls, it would be a good place to find a few good looking men. But boy oh boy, was I in for a rude shock. Almost seconds after I signed up and my profile was still empty, I started to receive messages from an extremely good looking girl, saying, ‘Hey wanna chat, I have seen you around (my area)’.


That triggered a suspicion. So I logged out and made another profile, this time using a different area as my address. Guess what? Same message from a different girl. So I probed further and read their terms and conditions.


This is what it states ‘You agree to the Terms, Email, Love Stars and Privacy Policy’. The keyword here is ‘Love Stars’. Upon investigating further, I discovered that Love Stars are nothing but fake computer generated profiles that a website uses to lure gullible customers into signing up. And they sneakily conceal it in the fine print, so that a customer does not even notice it and signs up.


Here are some of the other shady tactics used by Meetbangnow.


  • Fake Webcam chats and messages
  • Automated scripted emails that are sent out to all members. I received the same email on two accounts that I made.
  • Fake notifications of members who have viewed your profile. When you try to check their profile back, it asks you to upgrade the membership.
  • Repeated charges may happen from multiple websites (including porn sites) on your credit card. A friend of mine was shocked out of his boots when he saw a charge from Vibevideo.com on his card bill. He had never signed up for it. Days later, a second charge from Videoerotic.com happened. That was enough to wake him out of his stupor and dispute the charges

Do yourself a favor and stay away from Meetbangnow.

local naughties

#2 – LocalNaughties.com – One of the biggest draws of online hookups is to be able to find someone in your city to have sex with. And that’s what Localnaughties.com capitalizes on. However, the only naughties that you’ll find here, are the guys running the website themselves. Unlike typical hookup websites, you will not be greeted with pictures of nude girls when you log on to their website. Instead, it shows a map like image with markers showing pics of girls in specific areas.

The design is very effective to be honest. It almost looks like a legitimate site where locals sign up for some casual sex. But in reality, it is one of those run-of-the-mill dating sites that use the same tactic repeatedly to lure you into spending your hard earned money.

Some of the deceptive tactics used by Localnaughties are:

  • Fake Profiles: Another site that uses fake computer generated profiles that send you automated messages. The fact is that there is a significant disparity in the number of male and female members on the site. The ratio might be as bad as 90% males and just 10% females. So, the website uses software and bots to make it appear that there are an equal number of horny females waiting to get laid.
  • Pressurizing tactics: One of these fake profile girls will message you and lure you into a chat, making you believe that the opposite person is legitimate. And just when the conversation is veering towards the sexual part of it, the chat gets blocked and you have to upgrade to be able to continue the conversation. Smart, but downright slimy.
  • Terms and conditions: As always, take a good look at the terms and conditions and try to find the hidden lines. On Localnaughties, they are called ‘Angels’ and you agree by the usage of Angels when you sign up for the website.

Save your time and money and look elsewhere.

bone a milf

#3 – Boneamilf.com – If your fetish is having sex with matured women, then chances are that you might have heard of Boneamilf.com. The question is do you really get to bone one? Or do the unscrupulous guys behind the website bone you? It’s most certainly the latter. The website is just one among many who are using the same tactic to lure innocent buyers into upgrading for their premium membership. The fact is that even a guy or a girl with half a brain would be able to smell a scam from a mile away here.

One look at their homepage and you’d know that there’s nothing legitimate here. There are pics of half-naked matured women with fake boobs. Not one woman in the pics had a decent set of tits. How do you expect to find one inside then?

As expected, the money is in the fine print. Here’s an excerpt from their terms and conditions. ‘You agree that some of the user profiles posted on this site may be fictitious or models or bots related to our “Love Stars” (LS) program’ (sic.)

The name changes from Angels to Love Stars but the fraudulent practice is still the same.

  • Fake Profiles: I have dealt with fake profiles on almost every single hookup site on this list. But this one undoubtedly, takes the cake. They go to the extent of mentioning it right next to the username, that it is a fake one. So, when you are on Boneamilf and you get a message from ‘Cuntrygal’ (really?), look for an icon that says ‘LS – Fantasy Entertainment Service’. This indicates that it’s a computer generated profile. The worst part is that there are hundreds of such profiles on the site. When I logged in to the main member’s area, I counted 25 LS profiles on the main dashboard out of the 30 that were displaying.
  • Cyprus: The website is a part of a company called Nautell Capital Limited based in Cyprus. With all due respect to the country and the people there, some of the companies that are registered there have had a dubious reputation off late.

So, avoid getting boned and stay away from Boneamilf.com

Milfs Affair

#4 – Milfsaffair.com – When mainstream dating sites started to stagnate, they shifted their focus towards a smaller but niche audience, catering to the passions and fetishes of such people. One of the most popular niche dating models, is the one that connects an older person to a younger one looking for a casual sex date. Milfsaffair.com is one such niche dating website that promises to connect its members to matured married women, looking to hookup. But instead, it uses fraudulent practices that are now so commonplace in the online dating industry, that all one needs to do is register and browse around to spot it.

If you thought that you’d seen it all with ‘Angels’ and ‘Love Stars’, then say hello to ‘Online Cupids’. Different name, same old trick. A bunch of computer generated super-hot looking MILFs with pics of their QQQ sized implants and are perpetually horny. Sigh!

If that didn’t convince you to skedaddle, then maybe this will.

  • The fine print: It’s always there right in front of you. You only need to know where to look. In this case, here’s the part that should interest you, sourced straight from their terms and conditions. ‘Initial messages from our “Online Cupids” service may be automatically generated with no human involvement, and, messages and/or correspondence thereafter may be generated by third-parties hired or contracted by us. The “Online Cupids” service is also intended to proactively monitor user activities and communications to ensure compliance with Our Terms and Conditions.’ In other words, a computer bot lures you into coughing up some dough and then some dork in a third world African country pretends to be ‘WildwickedWendy’ and chats to you.

Don’t let these charlatans rob you of your hard earned money. Look for legit hookup sites like these.

Naked Locals

#5 – Nakedlocals.com – The catch phrase on their website says ‘This site contains pictures of someone you know’. So, if you have secretly harbored the desire to fuck your neighbor or your attorney’s wife (I wouldn’t advice it), then Nakedlocals.com promises you the perfect premise. It is apparently a website where the locals are mooning in all their glory and waiting for you to come and pick them up. The fact is that this is part of a network of websites that use different names and designs, but are very similar in their modus operandi. They even go to the extent of having pictures of the same girls and women on every site that they operate. The icing on the cake is that they admit to using fake profiles under different nicknames on their sites. Nakedlocals.com calls them ‘Online Cupids’

Log on to their dashboard and almost every picture that you will see will have the ‘Online Cupids’ icon next to it. In simpler terms, there are hardly any real local women registered on their site.

  • Pay to talk to bots: Minutes after registering an account on Nakedlocals.com, you will receive emails from almost 15-20 hot looking girls. This is irrespective of whether you mention that you are a male looking for a female, male looking for a male, female looking for a female or a Martian looking for an earthling. When you try to read the email, they ask you to upgrade your account. So, in effect, you are paying to talk to computer generated software.
  • The Cyprus connection: Once again, the website is part of a company that has its roots in Cyprus.
  • Here’s the verbiage that should interest you: THIS SITE USES FANTASY PROFILES CALLED ONLINE CUPIDS®You understand, acknowledge, and agree that some of the user profiles posted on this site may be fictitious and operated by the Site or its contractors. These profiles and related messages are conspicuously labeled with the Online Cupids logo

If you are looking for cheating locals, then take a walk around your neighborhood. The chances of you spotting one, are way more than finding them on nakedlocals.com

Flirty Desires

#6 – FlirtyDesires.com – By now, it is getting so monotonously similar that you’d get an idea by just logging on to the website. Flirtydesires.com is another one of those hookup sites that seems to be part of a large coterie of scam artists out to rob gullible customers looking for some fun. They most certainly use fake software and may even be using some of their staff to pose as members of the site, to make it seem legitimate enough. As always, I skimmed through the terms and conditions to see if I could pick up something on the lines of the earlier websites. And as expected, it was there.

Only, this was in plain old English. No cuties or angels here. Check this out.

We may, from time to time, create profiles which are created, maintained and managed by our employees (“Staff Profiles”). we may, from time to time, use an automatic pop up notification system and other communication channels e.g. inbox or instant messages to send Activity Alerts to you. Activity Alerts will be marked in your inbox with a specific icon, and some auto generated Activity Alerts may require an upgraded Paid Membership in order to see the content of message and reply to it

That’s the most sordid T&C statement that I have ever witnessed in my lifetime. The website is explicit in saying that they will send you alerts of activities done by their staff and then you’ll have to pay money to see that activity. Sounds like a real gem of an idea!

  • Celebrities on Flirtydesires: After browsing around on Flirtydesires.com, don’t be surprised if you bump into Jennifer Lawrence sending you a wink. I found a profile called ‘SexyJenny’ with Jasmine Villegas’s picture. She’s an American R&B singer by the way. I also found Hunter Leigh in one of the profiles. She’s a pornstar with her own website. Talk about faking it. These guys just took it to a whole new level.

You will never have the desire to flirt again once you realize that you have been scammed. So beware!

Naughty Cheaters

#7 – NaughtyCheaters.com: The pattern that these dating sites follow is so easy to detect, that I am surprised that people actually shell out money here hoping to get laid. Naughtycheaters.com is one more addition to the list that follows the exact same method that the others in this list do. They have fake profiles called – drumrolls – ‘Online Cupids’! What an innovative name. Never heard that one before. Duh!

Within just 15 minutes of registering on the sites, you will be bombarded with messages from these profiles, asking you to upgrade to a paid membership. Once you sign up, you can see a million of these Online Cupids hanging around asking you to pay more money to see them perform on cam (paid cam girls) or they call you on Skype for video chat and ask you to pay them again.

The site has its share of celebrity profiles too. I found Kyla Cole (Model and Penthouse Pet) and Alison Angel (Pornstar). But am sure there are other fake profiles using celebrity pictures. To top it off, the site uses an underhand tactic to ensure that you are billed, even if you cancel during the trial period. This is how it works.

  • If you wish to cancel during the second day of your three day trail and call up the customer care number asking them to cancel the membership, they will send you an email back saying that it may take up to 48 hours for your request to be processed. Guess what? After 24 hours, your trial period is officially over and the thieves then charge your card for a monthly charge of $29. Any attempts to revoke the charge will fall on deaf ears.

The best way to save $29 and to avoid screaming your guts out at a customer care representative, who’s most probably in India or something, look for hookup sites that don’t cheat you.

Easy sex

#8 – Easysex.com – If you thought that the guys above were scamsters, wait till you hear what Easysex.com pulls off. It’s supposed to be this completely free website where you can hookup with people and get laid. Instead, most people end up with an $81.85 charge on their credit card that they’ll struggle to dispute and revoke.

The landing page has a typical design with pictures of naked women which should immediately draw a red flag. But if you proceed to sign up with them, thinking that it’s free, pay close attention to the extremities of your browser.

While they keep you hooked by asking lame questions about oral and anal sex, they have a ‘Rocketpay’ checkbox at the bottom of the page which authorizes them to store your credit card information, which you will be asked to fork out on the next page.

After you finish entering the basic information, a girl in an underwear appears in a video asking you to get access to your ‘lifetime free membership’ by entering your credit card details (Scam). She assures you that it’s 100% safe and it’s just to verify your age. The usual bs.

Before you enter the credit card details, take a close look at the upper right hand corner of your browser. This is one of the probable places where they usually conceal another discreet checkbox that authorizes them to charge you approximately $40 a month for access to one of their pornsites.  The name of the site keeps changing. The charge doesn’t.

So, you uncheck the box, enter the cc details and proceed. Within seconds of reaching the dashboard, you start getting ‘Fuck requests’. And as expected, to be able to see the request, you have to pay them.

The site is almost a mirror of the other sites here in its features. But it has a ton of other sleazy ways to con you. Fake profiles, different membership levels, hidden checkboxes all over which can easily be missed, redirections to a dozen pornsites which may transmit a virus to your computer and a lot more.

The worst part, despite being doubly careful about not ticking any of those checkboxes, you will still be charged approximately $81. And more importantly, they have your credit card information stored and you will be billed repeatedly until you fight it out with all you have.

Booty Matches

#9 – BootyMatches.com – It’s easier to run a scam if you have a niche market to target and not many competitors. If you have a fetish for large booties, then chances are that you may have heard of Bootymatches.com, a site that claims to connect you with just that, women who have large derrieres. Apart from the pictures on the landing page that shows women with ample sized booties, there is hardly a difference between this site and the ones that I have reviewed before.

A quick look at the terms and conditions is enough to spot a mention of this.

Our service will employ bootymatches.com staff to encourage member involvement, participation, and for entertainment purposes

Further, you will start to receive emails, flirts, profile ratings and friend requests from female members, even if you have a completely empty profile. Oh yes. If you want to try this out, then just log on to the website, create an account and keep your profile completely empty. You will still receive at least 20 notifications in the next 10-15 minutes. Most of these messages are from bots that simulate real females and push you to sign up for the premium membership.

However, they at least let you cancel easily during the trial period, if you are not satisfied with it.

Even though it’s not as risky as Easysex.com, it is still not a legit hookup site.

Victoria Brides

#10 – VictoriaBrides.com – Mail order bride sites have always had a disingenuous reputation and signing up on one, hoping to find a bride or a friend with benefits, is riddled with the risk of you getting scammed. Victoriabrides.com does nothing to better this reputation. It claims to link you with beautiful long-legged women from Ukraine. But it works on a credit point system, where you need credit points to access the most basic of features that the website has to offer.

As with the other sites, within minutes of signing up, your inbox will be flooded with beautiful pictures of Ukranian women wanting to chat with you (Fake Profiles and Bots). And when you activate the chat, you will be charged at the rate of 2 credits per minute. The most basic membership plan, which is $1.99 a month, gives you 15 credits or 7 minutes of chat time, which is useless by the way.

To do anything else like send virtual gifts or messages, you need to purchase more credits which are ridiculously expensive. And like most of the other scam sites, Victoriabrides.com uses fake profiles which is clearly mentioned in the section 11 of their Privacy Policy.

Section #11: We may, from time to time, create profiles which are created, maintained and managed by our employees (“Staff Profiles”).’

So, like the other 9 times, let me warn you personally that this is a scam in boldface. Don’t waste your time, your money or your energy here. Instead, try these.