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My Free Cams

MyFreeCams Review (MFC) is one of the best and most famous webcam sites around, and they’ve been reliably serving both their customers and performers for quite some time now. Despite the popularity of my free cams, there are really quite few reliable reviews of this site, thus, as an experienced camgirl, I decided to write my own. I’ll cover both good and bad things about myfreecams and will try to give you an objective overview of the site. Therefore, you will be fully informed about all the pros and cons of the site so that you can make an educated decision about whether you want to give it a try or not.

Let’s first cover some of the main features of the myfreecams site

You can sign up for free and enjoy all the features as advertised, however each model have the right to set her own restrictions as to what they will do for free and what a free user can see. The premium features, i.e. the best and hottest stuff (and that’s what you’re signing up for, right 😉 is naturally reserved for a special customers that are happy to compensate a model for what she does. Treat the girl right, and she’ll treat you back even better. Trust me on this one, I’ve had customers who I’ve grown very fond of, and whose every fantasy I’ve enjoyed fulfilling on screen. I’ve even met them for real few times, and still do from time to time when I feel like having some real life fun 😉


As a model, I’ve been able to make a comforable living wage on this site, and that is something you’ll rarely find in an adult world. That’s a reason more to support this site and their models. I’ve really tried a lot of cam sites in my career as a preformer, and I can say with confidence that myfreecams are in top 3 in terms of payments to models.

The possibility of the “off the site” arrangements

If you want to tip a model for any kind of „off the site“ arrangements with the model, feel free to do so, if the model agrees on it of course. However, bear in mind that MFC can not offer any kind of mediation for things that are not happening on the site. Therefore, they can’t help you if you end up being ripped off by a scam model who only wanted to take ypur money away. Here’s the tip: spend some time chatting with girl, observe her performing, see how she reacts to the tips, get to know her better and help her get to know you better, before offering  to take her off the site. That way not only you will not get scammed, but you will have a genuinely wonderful and sexy experience.

My free cams site ( archives every session and conversation you’ve ever had with a model, and allows you to go back and watch it whenever you want. One pleasurable experience you’ve had with the model is thus not forgotten, but is archived for you to enjoy it and experience it all over again whenever you like.

Three different visitors levels


There are three diferent levels on can achieve as a visitor.

  1. Guest – when someone comes to the site for the first time, they are considered to be guests. Although you are free to explore the site as a guest, most girls don’t allow guests in their chatrooms. Therefore, to experience the best features of the site, you should become a member by creating a FREE account.
  2. Basic member – when you create a FREE account, you are considered to be a basic member. As a basic member, you will have access to lots of site features, as well as chat with a lot of models and other site members. However, the best and the most special features of the sites are reserved for a preminum members.
  3. Premium member – if you decide to purchase a token in order to support a model, you are considered to be a premium member. All the features are then available to you, and you can experience the site in its fullest richness. Naturally, girls pay the most attention and spend the most of their time focusing and interacting with premium members, and, it may sound paradoxical, but it is guys who pay that get the most value for money. Trust me when I say this: no guy ever regretted purchasing a token and tipping a girl! Use this feature!


The search features are impeccable. You can search models by usernames, room topics, model tags, and news feed posts. You can also use operators AND, OR, and NOT for advanced searches. So for example if you like tall, long legged brunettes, you can search for brunete AND long legs AND tall and get what you want. You will definitely like this feature.


I could probably write dozens of pages about this terrific site, however, let’s try to summarize some main points here.

Summing it up


  • is mainly free site for all. It’s up to you whether or not you want to pay for some additional features. However, from my rich experience as a performer, I would strongly recommend upgrading the account to premium membership and tipping the girls. You get in return far more than you pay for.
  • All your private sessions are archived, providing you access to them for unlimited amount of time. You can enjoy best moments of your life again and again 🙂
  • There are literary thousands of models, and these girls are really hot, sexy, beautiful, but also extremely easy going and fun to chat with. However, they are well aware that this is indeed „adult“ site and are quite eager to please you in a very sexual way 🙂
  • Great potential to develop a longer term relationship with some of the girls and to be treated in a really special way.
  • Great, stable website and connection to cams.
  • Great payouts for the models, so you know that the your money is being spent the right way and that the girls are really enjoying what they’re doing.
  • There are really tons of ways you can spend your tokens, i.e. private sessions, spying chatrooms, group chat, tipping the girls to do something you’d want to see, and much more.
  • A ton of other stuff I won’t go into because I don’t want to bore you. However, the bottom line is this is definitely the most feature rich webcam site, and you’ll have the ride of your life by signing up for it and exploring all of its features..
  • All in all, this is definitely one of the top 3 webcam sites out there.



  • Old fashioned green layout. Perhaps it’s about time for a bit of change in the design to make the site look a bit more appropriate for a 2016. However, this doesn’t  interfere with the site functionality at all. As they say, don’t judge the book by its cover 🙂
  • As already said, my free cams really have a great search system. However, you can not filter models by age, perhaps the developers just forgot about it. Nevertheless, by just a scrolling a little bit you will quickly discover the age of every girl you found so it’s not a bit deal.
  • No way changing the email address you used for a sign up (other than by contacting support). Don’t know why someone would do this, but just so you know in case you decide to.
  • Support is definitely not the biggest strength of the site. As this site has really lotd of models as well as members, they get a lot of inquiries and sometimes don’t reply to them. Although, this is understandable, they should really work on it and get it to the level where the rest of the site features are – top 3.


What thew models are saying about this site

I guess you have pretty good feeling about pros and cons of the site as a user by now, however, this review wouldn’t be complete without including the experience of the other party, the model. I myself have modeled on this site for 5 years, and have only the best things to say about it. However, that way 6 years ago and maybe something has changed in between. Therefore, I decided to get in touch with a model that is currently working on the site to see how things are in 2016.


Here’s what she has to say about today:

Hello everybody. I’m a green eyed, 170 cm tall, and hopefully sexy myfreecams model from Eastern Europe. I really enjoy having sex in front of the camera, and fulfilling the wishes of my clients, and I’m therefore delighted to be able to make a living with doing what I love the most. When on cam, I love to use toys, I enjoy double penetration as well as being told what to do, and kowing that my viewers are probably cumming while watching me makes me horny like nothing else in the world.

I’ve been modeling on my free cams since 2013, and I’m still using the site today but only for few special people. I use this site cause there is really good money to be made hereif you are willing to spend a lot of time on the site and build the loyal following. However, if that’s what you enjoy doing, that’s really not much to ask.

my free cams

The main problem for us girls is that sometimes there are a lot of freeriders in the chat room who expect us to do various things and give nothing in return. These guys don’t realize that if we’re to spend our times on the site abiding all of their fantasies, we have to make some money from it. Otherwise, we will just have to go find another job and stop being in front of camera. We have to make a living of it. Therefore, I really urge you guys to tip the girls you like, it is really necessity if we are to keep all the parties here satisfied. You will get a lot more than you expect in return.

One of the best features of MyFreeCams is that it works really well with interactive toys like the Lovense and Ohmibod. And there is nothing better than using an interactive toy. These toys are tip activated, which means that they rotate ot vibrate every time someone makes a tip. Literary, the more guys tip, the more and harder I come 🙂

As for the payment, it’s really great and always on time. We can use several payment options, and I’ve never had any problems with that. As I said, I’m really able to make a comfortable living from myfreecams, and I consider myself really lucky to bea able to live by doing what I love the most.


My final thoughts


I would summarize as follows: MFC is very professional cam site, with thousands of real models. Many cam models love it, especially those who like to produce extra content and cam models who work full time. Of all the sites I used, this is definitely my favourite one.

My recommendation: give it a try, sign up for a premium account and tip a girl, you definitely won’t be sorry!

My grade: 5 / 5

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