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Live Free Fun is definitely the site that has pushed the boundaries in the free cams world. As you are probably aware, unfortunately the cam world is often full of sites and people who are only looking to scam others and take their money away. Live Free Fun was one of the first to make a really huge step forward in terms of fairness, clarity and reliability. The beauty of this site is that it is so perfectly simple and straightyforward, which is indeed rarity in today’s world. The clarity of the payment system, the ease of navigation, the sheer quality of the girls and the overall trust of the site are the main forte of this site. Let’s dig a bit deeper so you can get a complete picture of this great place.

What’s so good about it?

Although you can browse the site as a guest, the best way to really explore it is by creating a free account. By creating an account, you’ll be able to view most of the shows that are happening at that time. However, naturally, you’ll want to narrow down the available shows to those best that fit your taste. Luckily, the LiveFreeFun site has many methods for searching and filtering results. For example, if you already know the name of the girl you’d like to see, you can just put it in a search bar and instantly get access to to her page with all the info about her, her bio, the description of the shows, preferences etc. However, if you don’t want to set on a one specific person, you can take advantage of the categories feature. And there is literary every category you can imagine, from those basic ones like „mature“, „bbw“, „blonde“, to more sophisticated choices like „busty cougar“, „lonely houseviwes“ , „foot fetish“etc. Furthermore, you can narrow down the models by lots of other features, such as geographic location, language or the rating level, which is the user-generated reputation indicator.

LIve Free Fun 2

Now I know that this won’t interest most of you guys, but I know girls will be interested (and perhaps some of the guys too 🙂 – also has boys on cams. So if hot boys are what’s turning you on, this site is definitely for you. What’s more, this site even has a section for those who just want to chat. Nothing sexual, nothing nude, just people making friends and chatting. Not that many of you will be interested in this, but just so you know 🙂

Another cool think about this live free cams site is that it allows you to see your recent chats which is a really helpful if you, for example, watched a cool performance the other day but then you forgot the girl’s name. So you can just go to recent chats section and find all the performances you’ve watched there, and even se if the model is currently online so you can instantly join her chat room.


What does Life Free Fun offer?

When you’ve finally found the girl that suits your interests best using those great search features, it’s time to enjoy the action. Basically, Live Free Fun offers four types of shows.

1) Chat for guests

Obviously, these types of performances are free, but they are all the most basic. The reason for this is that the girls have certain restrictions in terms of what they are allowed and what they are not allowed to do in the free chat. However, even as a guest you can still run into some great shows with unbeliavably beautiful and sexy girls, and this type of chat is great for research purposes when browsing and discovering the models you like.

2) Private Shows

The private shows are where all the action is. In these shows the girls are really doing what they do best, and it’s a real opportunity to see some nice and sexy action for relatively little money. The girls themselves decide on how much they want to be paid for the private shows, and although the prices vary from 1$ to 10$, they are mostly in he range of 2.50$ and 3$ per minute of the show. Unlike the next type onf the show, these shows are open to all those who are willing to pay the entry fee.  And in my opinion, you get really good value for money.

3) Exclusive shows

However, if you want to feel special and don’t mind to spend just a bit more money for that, then exclusive shows should be choice. Not only that you get all the attention for yourself and have all your wishes come true, there is also a posibility of cam2cam (cam to cam) action. This means that you can turn your own camera on for the girl to see you, and really watch her as she also enjoys watching you. This sounds better than most of the real life dates, at least to me 🙂

4) Gold Show

A gold show is a special type of shared performance where all the people who contributed „gold“ can enjoy the performance. Specifically, Live Free Fun allows girls to have their gold shows, meaning that they will start they performance if they reach their „gold“ goal. Gold here is just an internal currency with which you can tip the girls, and at any time you can see how far the girl is from her goal and when the performance will begin. In this case it is everybody’s interest to contribute in order for the show to start, as this is a great opportunity to see some really first class sexy action for the smallest possible amount of money. However this does not always happen, as some of the guys are really cheap (guys, keep in mind that these girls also have a bills to pay, so if you really enjoy and appreciate what they’re doing, show it by tipping!). In these cases the girl can decide whether she wants to proceed with the show nevertheless, or whether she will cancel it. In case she decide to follow through, great, and if she decide to cancel it completely, don’t worry. If you happend to pay, LiveFreeFun will refund it all.

Live Free Fun is one of the fairest sites you’ll encounter

As I said in the beggining, the transparent and fair payment system is what sets this site apart from lots of other sites in this niche. As you are probably aware by now, the real action hapens when you pay at least small amount of money. So I guess most of you will opt for that strategy. Just to give you a heads up: you really don’t need to worry about your money, their payment system is one of the most secure and your spending is completely under your control. These guys are really not here only to take your money. For example, if you’re afraid that you might spend too much money if you decide to enter some chat room, there is an option to add limit at your maximum spending. If you don’t want to spend more than 10$, just put limit on 10$ and the site won’t let you spend any more. If you want to increase the limit, or decrease it, you’re free to do that also. However, if you succumb to temptation and try to set the limit too high, you won’t be allowed but will have to contact the support and ask for the increase. This way they make sure you don’t make some decisions in the spur of the moment that you might regret later. How cool is that? 🙂

Summing it up

Let’s try to sum things up a bit before I bore you to death:


  • One of the most user friendly cam sites
  • Tens of thousands of girls from every niche you can think about
  • The most simply, clear and fair payment system you will find
  • Fairly inexpensive compared to lot of other crappy sites – the value you get for your money is unprecedented
  • Great search features
  • Possibility of cam2cam action with hot girl you like
  • Great customer service and genuine care about costumers
  • Openness of the platform that allows even free members to contact the girls by email
  • All sorts of fetishes covered
  • Videos, photos and bios of models availabel to everyone


  • Although most of the models offer HD, some still don’t have that option
  • Not all girls are amateurs, there are some professional models too


Final verdict

All in all, I feel that LiveFreeFun is a great site both for viewers as well as performers. Thsis was one of the most pleasant sites that I worked with, and thus merits this review. To conclude in just one simple sentence, if you happen to choose to check out this site and make an account there, you definitely won’t make a mistake. You’ll have a blast there!

My grade: 5 / 5

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