Sometime the age doesn’t equal trust and quality, but in the case of ImLive, it definitely does. This cam site is one of the first that entered the world of webcam sites, therefore one of the pldest and most trusted around. The site can boast itself with tens of thousands active hosts, and hundreds of thousands subscribed visitors. As a certificate of their quality, they won some of the most prestigious awards in adult business, AVN and YNOT awards, and they did it two times in a row. It’s a feat very little sites can boast with.

Now when I say that they’ve won two of the most prestigious awards in adult business, you know that you can expect loads of freakingly good looking girls in any niche you can imagine, ready to follow along your deepest fantasies. And they definitely deliver, but they deliver far more than that. Keep on reading.


What’s so good about I’m Live cam site?

One of the cool things about Im Live is that they pay the girls who are camming there anywhere between 30 and 100% of the money that visitors decide to spend. Now, you may think this sounds too low, but it certainly is not. Lots of other crappy sites pay far less than this. But what really separate this site from other in terms of payments is that the money that they don’t give directly to the girls they reinvest to give the visitors lots of free credits. And those credits are, as you can guess, again spent on tipping the girls. This way not only the girls get really good pay, but you as a visitor get to spend far more time with the girls with those extra credits than you would be able to spend on other sites. I’d say it’s a win-win-win situation! offers some very cool features, even for guest users. For example, even if you don’t confirm your account, you will be able to watch all the cam shows in the full screen mode, as well as have the ability to adjust the contrast and the brightness and to zoom in if you want to concentrate on some specific detail or part fo the girl. This is really a nice feature which you don’t get for free on other sites. However, as on most of the other sites, if you want to chat with a specific girl or have her to perform specifically for you, you will have to pay for that part.


The girls here are just incredible

But here comes another great thing about this site – the girls are real hotties, but nevertheless, they are pretty modest. Many of them will give you a private show for as little as 3$ per minute, and you’ll also be able to find some of the girls willing to go one-on-one with you for just 0.98$ per minute. That’s not cheap, that’s basically FREE. And moreover, these girls tend to offer insane discounts for a loyal customers, i.e. the guys who keep coming back to their chatroom and with whom the girls have some deeper relationship. This site is pretty personal, which you will see if you decide to stick around for a bit. The boys tend to spoil their girls there, and the girls always spoil them back 😉


If you decide to purchase some of the credits on the site, there are different ways to spend it. As I already said, you can spend it on private sessions with the girls of your liking. However, you can spend it to watch thousands of previously recorded cam sessions of different girls, and that way you get to peak in the performance of any girl you want. Finally, there is one more gorgeous feature that ImLive offers: Happy hour shows. You can decide to wait for happy hours when the girls are offering huge discounts on their services, and when the site also guarantee you a free 4 minutes private session with the girl of your likening. This feature is simply unbeatable.

Bunch of options for premium users

When you become a paying member there are even more options. Similarly as with the SlutRoulette, you can use your own cam for the model girl to see you. Girls also like getting off to someone real, you know 😉 You can also take snapshots and record all of your sesisons and watch it all over again whenever you like to. Furthermore, the girls often upload lots of their private pictures on their profiles which you can see as a verified member. You also have access to the private profiles of all the girls there. Finally, as you become more trusted member your membership is being upgraded to gold and VIP membership which entitles you to loads of additional benefits, features, bonuses and discounts.

One more thing to note about this site is the so called Sheriff’s Office. Whenever you are not satisfied with a girl’s performance, meaning she didn’t deliver what she promised or she scammed you in any way, you can go to Sheriff’s office and place a complaint about the model. You will get your money back, and she will be punished by lowering their reputation or with total exclusion from the site in case of repeted violations.


Summing it up

Let’s try to sum up what’s been said about thus far:


  • Respected and trusted, multiple award winning cam site
  • Tens of thousand of girls of every imaginable type and niche
  • Ability to go full screen, and to adjust the settings of the room even as a guest
  • Cam-to-Cam, meaning, you’re able to turn your own camera on for the girl to see you. Why being only a viewer, when you can be a performr too? 😉
  • Decent prices for an outstanding service
  • The ability to record your own private sessions and to take snapshots for a future viewing pleasures
  • Sheriff’s room – a place where you can report cam models for not doing a job they’re supposed to do
  • Detailed and elaborate profiles of all the girls, along with their private videos and pics
  • Unprecedented bonuses and discounts for loyal members
  • Great and prompt support
ImLive search options

ImLive search options


  • Some of the models having aged cameras that are not HD, luckily it’s an issue with the minority of the girls there
  • If you browse through the profiles, from time to time you will end up in a chat with the shy, not too interactive girl and you wonpt be able to do anything to interest her. This doesn’t happen often at all, but when it does just move on.
  • Sometimes the girls are very reserved in the free chat because they want to leave the main action for the private sessions. In those cases, however, it’s hard to guess what kind of things are waiting if you decide to goprivate. However, if you purchase some credit this is easily solvable: just go to her profile and watch her previous photos and videos, and it should make it clear for you.



My verdict

Generally, Im Live is definitely one of the world leaders in camming, and I can’t see them declining in the near future. I tried to be concise with my review and I’m sure that you too see al the benefits thay offer now. If I didn’t think this site is something special, I wouldn’t even bother writing this review. Thus, this site is really great and I’m wholehartedly recommending it to everyone interested in camming, whether as a performer or a viewer. Go on, sign up and reassure me, I dare you! 😉

My grade: 5 / 5

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