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I guess there’s not much to say about Chaturbate that you haven’t already heard. However, as this is one of very few really unique and genuine amateur cam sites, I feel like I need to write something good about it. After all, this site gave me possibly best 3 years of my life while I was camming there. Truly genuine site where everyday girls are hosting their shows, and one that really offers a ton for FREE. As all the girls are real, and all the shows are free, there are loads and loads of freeriders, and girls need to rely to few of truly heroes that are willing to tip them for what they are doing. I really hope you will be one of those few heroes, because it is precisely guys like these that are keeping this awesome, possibly best, community alive and functioning. is more than a site, it’s an entire culture

Let’s say a bit more about the culture of Chaturbate, cause that’s what it is, it’s an entire culture. This is a place of a special charm where cam girls and boys get together to have fun, where everybody is performing under their own rules and from their own houses, and where you feel really comfortable and cozy. In the words of a owner of the site, „people who are on Chaturbate to make money don’t work for Chaturbate, they just work on it, but for themselves.“ They are completely indenpendent and that is precisely what separates this site from more traditional, porn oriented professional sites. And due to everybody being free to do as they are pleased, these shows are oftentimes more extreme that traditional professional cam shows. Cause these girls are real and they are horny for real!

Chaturbate 6

But one of the most fascinating things about is the community. It is incredibly easy to form a real close community there cause everybody are working on the same cause. If someone decides to tip a bit extra money, he/she instantly becomes a hero not only for the girl who is modelling, but also for other viewers who are thankfull for his/her contribution because it means that the girl will take her show on the next level and that everyone will profit. Also, the models there are not those fake semi-professional porn stars, but are really funny, frank and true people who are constantly interacting ith their fans. Therefore, no wonder that this environment is very conductive to creating communities of people who are respecting themselves and enjoying each other’s company.


What separates haturbate from all the other sites?

There’s hardly anything new and original in the idea of live streaming cute girls doing kinky things, however despite this, managed to elevate itself from mediocracy and to become one of the best and most popular sites today. In my opinion two things are to be credited for this: first, the easy going approach, and the feeling of real, amateur community there, and second, the unprecedented value it offers for free. However, this latter cause is also a really big threat to the site. There are loads and loads of freeloaders on the site who are not willing to pay absolutely anything to the performing girls, and if a girl can not make ends meet, she will leave the site and go to another, more profesionally oriented one. And to lose such a great community because of a cheap freeloaders would really be a pity. Hope you won’t let that happen 🙂

That being said, although shows are free, you can still get a ton for your bucks there should you wish to purchase their tokens. You can use those tokens to tip your favourite girls, for which they will be really, and eternally grateful 🙂 Lots of girls are using toys that rotate or vibrate whenever someone tips, so you can literary make your girl cum soo f***ing hard by tipping her. You can also take you favourite girl to a private show and have her all for yourself. When you realize these girls are your everyday girls and that they are extremely cute and sexy in their amateurishness (I just made up this word :), these options are really cool and exciting.

Chaturbate 7

Digging a bit deeper

Ok, lets dig a bit deeper about what’s awaiting you inside . The basic concept of Chaturbating is familar by now, girls are streaming themselves doing all kinds of things and you can watch it for free. The whole thing functions on a basis of crowfunding, and any girl can set up some goals (and mostly does). For example, she can decide that if she collects 1000 tokens she will play with her dildo, at 1500 tokens she will include analy play, at 2000 she will fulfill any wish and so on. There are bunch of guys in the room at any moment (like 2000 or more), and if every of those guys tip only 1 token (which is like less that 10 cents), they can have girls do anything they want. Why most of them refuse to pay is beyond me.

As for the quality of the girls there, the girls are really top notch. Every body type, hair colour, race, weight and height, age or geography location, practically whatever kind of girl you can think of, you will find there. The sheer number of active girls who are camming there guarantee that everyone will find somebody for himself. Despite their diversity, these girls all share a common characteristic – they are real, everyday, next-door, amateur girls who like camming and who try to make a living doing what they like. If you expect some kind of professional looking, silicon-tits, perfect hair models, go to some other sites. is a home for real people, just like you or your friend/cousin/sister who like to perform or watch other performing.


Who is hanging in those chatting rooms

Besides solo girls, there are also couples who like to have sex while streaming themselves. Basically, the concept is the same. The couple is doing their thing, and you can watch it for free. Often times they also set up the goals. For example, blowjob for 1000 tokens, pussy licking for 1200, regular sex for 2000 or anal for 2500 tokens. The proces vary depend on how much money the couple is trying to make, but divided on all the people who are watching their show, it’s really a peanuts. I will say this once again: it is really pity not to tip girls (or couples), not only are you ruining the whole idea of the site and the community itself, but you are also missing insanely good action for negligible amount of money.

If you decide to purchase some credit on site, you will also have some further added benefits. For example, you will be able to private message the girls, and you will also gain access to multi-cam view that allows you to see the girl from the multiple angles and have a really blast of an experience. You will get a great experience nonetheless because the cam quality is is really great especially in comparison to some other sites, and the sound is awesome which is quite important because girls tend to produce sweet, sexy moans there 🙂


The site quickly arose to be one of the best not only in terms of quality and value it provides, but also in terms of reliability and customer support. These guys will really go out of their ways to help the customer in need. Whether it is just to help somebody and guide him through the sign up process, or handling all sorts of complains, everything is sorted out pretty as quickly as possible keeping in mind the satisfaction of the customer.

Summing it up

Let’s try to sum up what we’ve learned so far about


  • A real and unique, truly free and amateur site
  • The variaty of models you probably won’t find on any other cam site
  • All models are true amateurs, no professional models, no professional studios, no professional equipment
  • ALL shows are FREE to watch, something you won’t find on majority of cam sites
  • One of the simpliest and most user friendly sites, easy and clear, no hidden costs, no rebills or any other types of scam
  • The community on this site is unlike any other – it is real, warm and respecting, something you don’t expect to find almost anywhere today, much less on a cam site
  • Besides solo girls, you can find solo men performing, but also same and different-sex couples, groups of more people in a groupsex, transgender performers, and lot more
  • Great cam and sound quality for full enjoyment of the girls
  • Relatively cheap, insanely hot action from amateur girls; actually, if everyone would pay at leat 10 cents, it would be the cheapest ever




  • Loads of freeloadrs that refuse to tio the girls, making it all more pricey for the honest guys, and making girls go away from the site

Some final thoughts

To conclude, Chaturbate is definitely one of a kind cam-site today. With it’s emphasis on amateurs, crowdfunding and community, you definitely won’t find anything similar on other sites. The variety of models is great, and when working together with other viewers, you can get possibly the best live action you can ever see for really ridicilously amounts of money. Closing thought: don’t be a dick, pay the girls for what they’re doing! 😉

My grade: 5 / 5




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