You’re probably thinking „how’s a white girl going to know anything about Black Crush, and you’re absolutely right. The truth is I never signed up for a black crush site, so I can’t speak about it from a first hand. However, I really wanted to include this site on my list as I’ve heard some great things about it before. So I did what I could to give you the best review of the site in this situation: I first contacted my girl Keisha whom I know is a huge fan of black dating sites, and then I did the research to find out what others are saying about it.

So, I called my friend Keisha to tell her I’m writing a review on best black dating sites and to check if she has any experience with She was delighted with the idea and promised to send me her thoughts on the site by mail. Here’s what she sent me:


„Sure, I’ve been on for some time now (a bit over year and half), and I must say I’m delighted! As you know, I’ve had acounts on loads of dating sites for black girls before, and majority of those (not all though) suck! When I first found BlackCrush I was quite skeptical about it, however I decided to give it a go. And I’m happy to say it wasn’t a mistake.

The site is looking great, it’s easy to navigate, search for profiles and communicate with them. To tell the truth, there are some fake profiles, but the majority of girls are real. And HOT! Indeed, they were so hot that I was afraid nobody will notice me. Thankfully for me, there were just about the same amount of guys on the site so we all got what we came for 🙂

Anyways, I won’t go into too much details as I don’t want to bother your readers too much. I’ll say just this: is a great site and I’d recommand it to everyone who’s looking to meet and…khm…sleep with black girls. It doesn’t matter whether you’re white or black as long as you love black girls.“

So, there you have it boys, straight from the keybord of my experienced friend Keisha. And if she’s says the site is good, I trust her as I know she knows what she’s talking about.

What the others are saying?

However, as I promised, I did some additional research to see what the others are saying about the site. Here’s what other people are saying about

The guy behind review site called wrote this:

„As a white guy, it can be initially intimating to approach a black girl online unless she noted in her profile race was irrelevant. Then eventually you learn to say ‘eff that’, what’s the worse that can happen! The black girls on Black Crush tend to be younger are our truly looking for casual fun. They are looking for guys to hook up with, period. Race is irrelevant, but you 100% need to be persistent. If you put the time with the email exchange, then close with a specific date, time, and place, you’ll have one hell of an experience with a black girl. You will be pleasantly surprised how high the success rate is.“

The people from seem to agree with him:

BlackCrush guarantees black interracial hookups by maintaining a large membership of horny black women. Those women want to have sex with people who are and aren’t black, and the other members are people like you: people who want to have sex with black women. Everybody wins!

The site itself is simple: you join up (easy, peasy—all you need is a username, password, and email address) and get 100% FREE access to the site. Once you are in, it’s simply a matter of browsing the local profiles from your area and messaging the women you want to have sex with! Once you connect with someone who’s interested, all you need to do is make plans to meet up—your place, her place, or somewhere more adventurous… it’s up to you!“

I found similar story on

„Many people prefer black girls and boys to other nationalities since this ethnic group has its own charms and sexual appeal. If you are looking for a black girl that is just as horny as you and looking to have a good time with no strings attached, then is the best possible place for this. You get thousands of pretty black chicks to choose from and they are all after one thing. For ebony based fetishes, you can’t get better than Black Crush.“

The verdict

Final verdict: There, as I promised, I did my due diligence and provided you with, in my opinion, quite quality review. From what I’ve researched, this really is a quality site and you won’t make a mistake by signing up. So stop wasting your time, go make your account on the site and hook up with your black dream girl!

My grade: 5 / 5

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